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Oh No! Ostara!

Oh No! Ostara!

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Well, it seems like just yeterday was reading week, in the middle of Feb. I got hit with the flu, and I did the rip-van-winkle-school combo. Sleeping muchly b/c I could sleep ALL day, and dragging my butt only to my monday labs, missing EVERYTHING else. (class, homework, midterms) (plus dr bonanza)

Then, lo, on the web I started seeing OSTARA posts. Now let me tell you, I, on a rare night out (this was 1.5 months ago), ran into a girl that said she had fun at last years ritual. So I vowed to myself to throw something fancy, just because I felt you know, that melted sentimental feeling that's amplified by drunkness.

Only, the ritual is supposed to be wed, and I'm still trying to coax my body into some semblance of functionality. I'm able to eat more than mere crackers, and not crawling to the tylenol every four hours, but that's not enough.

Inspire me! I'm dreamt of something about the beautiful success/potential, bounty returns/ future bounty/ planting aspects. Eggs, flowers are the bounty to be reaped, and aspirations are high for the summer "growth" cycle.
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    • Re: Anthropologist after smackingly

      "Gutterwise Venus tartrazinic ravenousness"
      That could be cynical, with poisoned mother earth imagery, yet with slow purification.
      I think tartrazine is the herbicide used too commony in corn production.

      "albuminimeter ought shepherdlike"
      that bit sounds very Ostara-ish.

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