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Art From Sketchbook

Art From Sketchbook

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I sketched (incidentally with paint, still not worthy of painting)  this in Calgary at Christmas.  A long time ago something in haunted_lady  's LJ reminded me of this sketch, I forget what it was, but since I have a photobucket now, I can post it.  :)

And a closeup to feel what it's like to push your nose up against the paper LOL. ^_-

The whole thing is actually shimmery pearlescent in silver. 

  • (no subject) -

      LOL probably b/c here winter is spring and fall at the same time.
      Thanks I love trees. ^_^
  • I'm in love!!! I don't generally get into watercolor but I like the colors and the way you used them...hard to say why I guess... :)
    • It's because secretly you knew without knowing you knew: it's not water colour! *gasp* It was me faking water colour with my acrylics. ^_^

      I'm just kidding around. Thanks for the compliment. ^_^
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