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A little whine and sneeze.

A little whine and sneeze.

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Bah, I'm sick. I seem to be doing ok b/c I found the miracle cure of vegggie broth. So I sipping mugs of that an' quaffing large glasses o' wasser.
I coulda gone to 3/8 parties this weekend! Opportunity after opportunity popped up! (As compared to the nothing to do of all hallow's past)
So temped to stay, but am just too sick.
Also i'm still just starting the research for my 2500 word project due tommorow of course. I have a topic at least: effects of cover crops on soil moisture.
It's really interesting. The big plains here are so dry that traditional weed control methods of tillage, cultivation and fallow lose lots of soil. However, fallow is an important way to revive dry soil, since if you can somehow keep the soil bare all summer, it's moisture content will increase... Tough huh?

On top of that I somehow have to learn ALL of physical chem for the midterm tommorow! And do 3 lab reports! They take like 9-16 hours each too.

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    • Re: No wonder you were sick

      I am really run down. I used to be able to do 12 hour days of studying, and remember a few weeks of straight 12 hour days. But lately, all I can put in is a 1/2 hr here and there.
      Hmm. I wasn't going to add classes, but I was switched into a class I need, one thats pretty hard, boring and time consuming.

      I guess I'll consider either outright dropping the quantum calculus course, or switching to an elective. Next term is just as brutal as this term, probably more so...

      Good to hear from you.
      Be well.
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          Sadly, I AM already at that 12 credit minimum, and I'm dropping a class since i'm so far behind.
          Next term I'm also at the 12 credit min, and I'm definatly sticking to it, I learnt my lesson.
          I should be graduating this year, but it really looks like it will be 2 more.
          Hmm, I do eat really really well since andrew is a picky eater/good chef. Do needfresh veggies though, have been eating abit crappy due to being sick. (Broth anyone?)
          Mostly I have to get away from my relationship turmoil: I live with andrew (and care for him deeply), am in love with Rob, and am oddly attracted to random chem 309 boy (I want to cuddle him b/c he smells good, scary!)(I get really high off him, and just sit purring when he's happy!)
          Much appreciative for the sentiments. :)
          Lots of hugs!
          Hmm. If I had a digital camera, I could post a pic of the bracelet I made (to remind me to focus on school- sorta vow of celibacy so I can live with my bf peacefully) It looks pretty cool. It's just wine and black crochet cotton in sorta a braid, with 3 super shiny red seed beads, sadly one for each guy I like, lol.
          Makes me want to start making friendship bracelets b/c thats what it looks like.
          I think I'll modify the pattern so I can get more beads on. Ahh! I have beads that would go with your eyes, but they don't go with the thread I have on hand. So I guess you have to choose between funky blue beads, or something gothy in black and red. :)
          Hugs. ^_^
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