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20 pages = 1/5 of the way there for 1/3 of the way total...

20 pages = 1/5 of the way there for 1/3 of the way total...

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Almost 4am. Finally finished exp 8 lab report, been working on it all week, and it's 20 pages. I have 4 more reports to go... I hope I can whip through them fast, they are all due tommorow, and one of them I can only do in the lab, I have to wait until the afternoon b/c I have (another!) doctor's appointment in the morning. (One today too, yippy)
  • So what was your lab report on?
    • Determination of Chromium III by Chemiluminometry.
      Basically luminol is a chemical that releases light when it's oxidized, and the reaction is enhanced by Cr+3.
      So we had manual injection of the Cr solution into luminol and H2O2, one unknown and 5 calibration standards.

      Then we did the same thing with Flow Injection analysis, where the injection was automatically loaded via persitalisis pump.
      Only it's plugs of H2O2 into a mixture of Cr and Luminol. A bagillion silicon tubes!

      I've been up for over 33 hours straight. The neat thing about this one is that the data wasn't linear, so i did two regression lines for it. It was long because there were two sets of data that each had to be analyzed by peak height and by peak area.

      Some other one's I tried to finish up were Ethanol by Headspace Gas Chromatography through ratios to Isopropanol Internal Standard - again peak height and area. That one was french wine and an unknown.

      I gave up on the Atomic Diffraction Spectroscopy, it was old school fun with film development, but we had crap lines in the second diffraction order where we were told to plot our calibration references.

      And there were two other labs to hand in. EEEK.
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