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I'd better not get any more friends... I'm running out of easily…

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I'd better not get any more friends... I'm running out of easily identifiable unique colour schemes. I had to stick sooguy with brown. It seems to fit, the red captures the punk vibe and the brown is understated and goes with his icon.

Kidding. I will come up with more colour schemes when I have to.
  • I gave up assigning colour schemes ages ago!
  • color schemes

    ahhhhhh it's your journal and you get to do what you want but you stuck me with that lime green :P cough cough down with lime green unless it's a margarita!!!
    • Re: color schemes

      You don't like the lime green? I picked it b/c it's a cheery vibrant ALIVE colour and your journal was done in green. Also, it stands out so I can find you. I'm lime green in cristanemo's flist.
      What colour do you want to be?
    • Re: color schemes

      lol I've never been a bright green type the color of the hair in your icon is about as bright green as I get :) go for it if you like it, it's your journal :)

      I dunno, if a darker green would be harder for you don't bother, if it wouldn't I'd love it ;) I can't think of any other colors at the moment...perhaps reds or oranges for my hair...

      I'm not offended by the green hun, hahaha if you like it keep it :)
    • Re: color schemes

      oh, another thing on liime green, I think I tend to also run from it since it's a trendy color recently hahaa :D I guess everyone likes it but me
      • Re: color schemes

        Trendy lime green is more washed out and closer to olive...
        http://www.delmarvanow.com/mdbeachcomber/stories/20050225/2027142.html (link to pic of ugly lime green that's "trendy")

        The one I use is more flourescent.
        • Re: color schemes

          hahaha things I don't know bc I don't watch "things not to wear" hahah :) good to know :) green it is!
          • Re: color schemes

            That's good b/c I just spent a few minutes desperaely trying to find you a new colour. I had to settle on dark red with orange, but I like the green better. I'll set it back later though. (dark green is chem, and light green is pagan and bright red is sigils, so I would have to switch everything!)
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