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My Dad Liked these

My Dad Liked these

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I was thinking of just posting the last one, but I figured that there might be a good animation like progression effect if I post all three in this order.  I was hesitant to post, but my da really liked the last one, so I thought, "Hey, why not?".  If I get the guts I might post to Sigils later too.

Swimming through the ocean.  (Bubbles)



  • cool

    I really like the first one.
    I'm assuming you made these? May I ask with what?
    • Re: cool

      Yep I made them all by mouse with adobe photoshop 7.0. The software was a gift from my brother who set up my computer.
      It was fun b/c I was just free-form creating the concept in mind.
      • Re: cool

        I wasn't sure if it might be watercolor.
        Looks like they'd make neat tattoos, too.
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