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Ganked from Sooguy

Ganked from Sooguy

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American Cities That Best Fit You:

55% Las Vegas

55% Seattle

50% Denver

50% Honolulu

50% Philadelphia

Las Vegas!!!!!! Las Vegas!!!! I practically swore I'd never go there. WTF?
  • Ive got to say, Im not normally impressed with online test accuracy, but this one is DEAD ON! I adore Seattle and was born and raised in Portland!

    American Cities That Best Fit You:

    80% Seattle

    65% Portland

    55% Denver

    55% Honolulu

    50% Los Angeles

    • That's pretty cool.
      Seattle is the sister Goth community to Vancouver. (Not that I'm up on the scene or anything, but I do manage to goth out once a year at least)
      Still, never been to Seattle, last time I was in the states I was close though: Lynnwood.

      One day, I'll get to Seattle, I've heard it's a pain for getting lost though. :o

  • (no subject) -
    • Re: NOOOOOO

      We scream in unison: NOOOOOO! Las Vegas ICCKKK, San Fran IICCKK!!!

      We both have philly though. It must have some of everything but is polluted :/
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