geek_dragon (geek_dragon) wrote,

How the world was made...

In the time before the cycles of the great wheel, no, not the mere revolution of our tiny blue sphere whirring about it's home star, but the greatest cycle: that of the whole universe, expanding and coalecsing in heat deaths to be born again through mere sparks, in that time before time, all was potential.
Potential can be any colour you want, because it was all of them, yet none, for nothing existed.
Out of this unimaginable void of indescribale empty everything (or is it full nothing?), a voice spoke.

A silent voice, that rippled the non-existant fabric. You're all expecting "I am", but no, it was "I need chocolate", which for the true chocoholic is not just equivalent to "I am", but downright congruent.

This ripple of desire bumped the potential a little, the ripples spread outwards, and something ~ J A R R E D ~. This jarring motion bumped a bit of potential into a definate form.

A single atom of hydrogen was made.

A little bit of imagination will fill you in on the rest, but basically chocolate was formed through the delicate dance that a passionate artisan would take in creating true art.

Thomas Edison is rumoured to have tried a thousand times before he got the right combination of components to make a working bulb. So when you look out at the night sky, filled with uncountable stars, you can appreciate the complexity of engineering (through design or evolution) such a wonder as chocolate.

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