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Warcrack is too much like real life.

Warcrack is too much like real life.

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I think I might ditch it just b/c of that, or stop trying as much anyways.

Why is warcrack like my real life, your skeptical inner voice may be asking, as you peer at my typed words with the suspicions that I have a tenuous grasp on reality. Simple really:

1) Feelings of being left behind. Everyone has a level 20+ character that they bounce around in, going on raids, into dungeons. If I try to follow I get killed every 5 min with my little lvl 10. I don't need shit like that, in real life people are leaving me to travel to other countries, to graduate and disappear across the continent.

2) Re-inactment of last summer. Last summer I went hither and yon on many annoying "quest", all without much exercise. In warcraft, my character is sent throughout the world, mostly on foot, to gather this and that. I still don't get any exercise no matter how buff my druid is.

3) I feel like a social putz. High level characters are in demand for quests and raids. Little low lvls characters die too easily to go anywhere cool. So my bf has a tight bond with his guild, always running around withthese hot elf chicks, and my tauren keeps running into troll only guilds at best. Also, as a low lvl character, it's easier to die while chatting with people.
In real life, I don't feel so sure around people either. It's easy for me to be a lone dragon, but I don't really have much of a flock.
  • Never played. Is it that addictive?

    Is this the RPG or the video game?
    • It's an online game. There is a whole world with two continents, and each continent has many countries. There are two factions, each with four races. The level cap is at 60.
      All the fun stuff happens at high levels. At lvl 40 one can buy a mount. There is an "honour kill" system for people of opposite factions to kill each other, the kills get totalled, and ranks assigned.

      And yes, it is that addictive, mostly b/c they make you work your butt off to get anywhere, after the first rapid levelling and feeling of accomplishment.
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