geek_dragon (geek_dragon) wrote,

Warcrack is too much like real life.

I think I might ditch it just b/c of that, or stop trying as much anyways.

Why is warcrack like my real life, your skeptical inner voice may be asking, as you peer at my typed words with the suspicions that I have a tenuous grasp on reality. Simple really:

1) Feelings of being left behind. Everyone has a level 20+ character that they bounce around in, going on raids, into dungeons. If I try to follow I get killed every 5 min with my little lvl 10. I don't need shit like that, in real life people are leaving me to travel to other countries, to graduate and disappear across the continent.

2) Re-inactment of last summer. Last summer I went hither and yon on many annoying "quest", all without much exercise. In warcraft, my character is sent throughout the world, mostly on foot, to gather this and that. I still don't get any exercise no matter how buff my druid is.

3) I feel like a social putz. High level characters are in demand for quests and raids. Little low lvls characters die too easily to go anywhere cool. So my bf has a tight bond with his guild, always running around withthese hot elf chicks, and my tauren keeps running into troll only guilds at best. Also, as a low lvl character, it's easier to die while chatting with people.
In real life, I don't feel so sure around people either. It's easy for me to be a lone dragon, but I don't really have much of a flock.

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