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Brave enough to post in sigils. (Reposted here)

Brave enough to post in sigils. (Reposted here)

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Oh yeah. I should note that this is all free-mouse on photoshop, with filters of course. I have trouble coaxing shapes out of photoshop. Just so you guys know it's totally my work and not one of my rare google-stock-stews. :)
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  • Yay, conversation! ^_^

    I know a little about various views on sigils. I use the word a bit loosely for "magical artwork", encompassing sigils AND symbols. But then my use blends the two concepts.

    Proper word usage though, symbol has a definate meaning. Like each word is a symbol for the meaning behind it, every time you look at it, the meaning is the same. A symbol can be used over and over again in many workings, it is used to conjure the distinct assoiations, so repeated use is seen as better (it reinforces the association).

    Sigil is a spell. A piece of work created and either used to remind the magician subconciously of the goal when they are in the height of their energy raising trance stage, or simply created then "charged" with energy. Some magicians believe it's neccessary to forget the meaning of the sigil, thus it's not a symbol in the normal sense, as it has no recognizable meaning, except to the subconcious. Also there is an air of "one use per sigil", not neccessarily true, but that's how I percieve others feel.

    I'm lax, mostly I just create these pieces and then stare at them while meditating, or to add a certain ambience to my visualization practices. Well, lax isn't the right word, I prefer my way rather than doing it out of sheer laziness.

    I hope that was interesting ^_^
  • Oh, ask questions, I was just trying to start a conversation with my blurb. I try to respect what I percieve as tradition, especially in explaining things, but in theend I do my thing. :)
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