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Happiness continues!
I've been runnig myself ragged though.

Tuesday I did *GROUSE GRIND* a very steep, slippery, rocky trail that is THE symbol of being fit. It took two hours, and just as I was starting to think I wouldn't make it b/c my knees were givin me grief (bad knees), we broke out of trees, hitting the top. Rob shared his deli wrap with me, it was supremely gourmet. We were on top of the world, we could see all of the lower mainland: white rock, tsawwassen, richmond, the airport, ubc, vancouver, stanely park, all fanned out below us, the islands and ocean meeting the horizon in the distance. Vancouver is very flat from up there.

Then it was Rob's pre-grad dinnerat hells kitchen, so we took the tram down so that we'd get to dinner on time. I stayed out untill 4am. Blweh, not doing that again, (harsh headache and still re-couping)

Then today I walked over 15 km with Angela. I decided to walk down to steveston and back. Man am I sore, my knees and back were locking up, but we did it. Well, her mom called and drove is the last 2 miles, but we still did over 15 km ourselves.
  • Wow, 15 km. And here I was bragging about 3 km last night pushing a stroller! LOL!

    Good for you. That sounds like quite the view from up there.
    • It took us 5 hours. You have a toddler, that although seems brighter and better behaved than most toddlers, is still young enough to think that 5 hours in the hot sun is an eternity.
      So 3 k with a stroller is awesome! ^_^
      • Thanks for putting it in perspective for me. I just want to get to the level where I can do a 15 km hike.

        I did an 11km hike several years ago (like probably 10 now!) and it was pretty gruelling. I don't know how fast we did it, but the pros on the hike were practically running.
        • Well even more perspective: it wasn't hiking, it wasstrolling then slogging along as wide flat gravel path atop the dyke (good scenery).

          I have bad knees, so anything with a slope gets more interesting logistically to say the least.

          At the grind the pros were jogging, but I stand by my opinion that jogging the grind is stupid b/c it's slippery, steep with loose rocks galore. One falso joggign move could lead to a wrevcked knee or worse.

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