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I am such a screwed up kitty.

I am such a screwed up kitty.

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My cell phone awoke me at an ungodly hour.  Turns out Rob left his work eys at home, so I drive over, grab them, A drops them off.  Whole thing takes just over an hour.  I don't think I could bear to see him.  My heart would break into tinier little pieces.

What is wrong with me?!?  I HIT on chem boy yesterday!!! He turned me down, which is a good thing, but kinda embarrassing.  I thought he liked me, because he smiles when he sees me, makes a point of sitting with me, dressed up for me one day and was flirting with me.  0_o   It's good that he turned me down b/c he too is a very screwed up kitty.  (I think he has a drug problem)  He has majour "I hate the whole world and everything" syndrome.  He believes that fun does not exist.  I don't actually care that he said no, only wonder why I thought he liked me, and wonder if he actually does, but figures that either: he's too screwed up to date; i still have a bf; i'm just rebounding and don't actually like him.  All of which are relatively true anyways. ><



  • weird guy

    that does sound strange...but for the best.....wow.....now I have to go question all those guys I thought.....
    • Re: weird guy

      Pippi: thank you so much for the hugs!
      I find it hard to talk to my friends for various reasons.
      I even have a few friends that just don't understand why I'm not MARRIED to A. yet 0_o !
      So yeah, the hugs really help :)
  • Re: weird guy

    Well, you know this, but to clarify, I mean my non-LJ friends.
    You're my friend :)
  • Re: weird guy

    ya gotta shop around ;)
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