geek_dragon (geek_dragon) wrote,

Admin Purgatory

No one is answering my e-mails when it comes to official life stuff.
Not Myriam from the DRC, nor the dean. I even e-mailed them from my g-mail account b/c I didn't recieve any replies from my interchange account, so I figured it flaked out.

In Happy news, I'm the proud mother of some cuttings from the garden in t-town. Yes, I slept through UU church AGAIN, but I dragged my but out to work and put in a good 4 hour shift. (Painting, sweeping, cuttings, pruning)

They're inside under a some bright light right now, I'm trying to keep the soil warm so that they will grow roots.

I think i'll use super weak blooming fertilizer on them after a few weeks so that they have root growth nutrients and weak to avoid fertilizer burn.

Seriously, you got plant questions, I have answers. I adore plants.
I can tell you how to care for your compost, deal with your lawn weed problems, etc.

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