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Admin Purgatory

Admin Purgatory

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No one is answering my e-mails when it comes to official life stuff.
Not Myriam from the DRC, nor the dean. I even e-mailed them from my g-mail account b/c I didn't recieve any replies from my interchange account, so I figured it flaked out.

In Happy news, I'm the proud mother of some cuttings from the garden in t-town. Yes, I slept through UU church AGAIN, but I dragged my but out to work and put in a good 4 hour shift. (Painting, sweeping, cuttings, pruning)

They're inside under a some bright light right now, I'm trying to keep the soil warm so that they will grow roots.

I think i'll use super weak blooming fertilizer on them after a few weeks so that they have root growth nutrients and weak to avoid fertilizer burn.

Seriously, you got plant questions, I have answers. I adore plants.
I can tell you how to care for your compost, deal with your lawn weed problems, etc.
  • plant questions

    haha, I love growing plants and taking care of them. I haven't had house plants since I lived in VT bc well, I was dedicated to them and that means a plant sitter when you are away to water them and take care of the lights...and finding them good RESPONSIBLE homes if you have to move far away like I did...it was hard...and all but one of the homes I found for my plants turned out to be lousy :(

    I couldn't do that to them again so...I haven't had any since I moved out here expecting to move back east :'( I took care of my SIL's plants that she neglected when I lived with her, the poor jade was all wrinkly...but that's what I do, I rehab plants... and outdoor plants wow...I know it's a simple process and nature takes care of it but I still find it fascinating that you can spread seeds or plant a bulb and a flower etc. comes up :D

    Funny thing the only thing I can't grow is a weed :( unfortunately my only plant questions are illegal to grow for most, (not for me but tech. but not long political story) lol, I won't be growing, but in the past my little plants would grow from a seed and rise from the dirt, get to about 4" tall, get 4 leaves 2 jaggie leaves 2 not so jaggie, and then within a couple of days just....fall....over....and wilt.... WTF I'm cursed...or was...bc it happened every time...others could throw seeds in the wind and have crops and mee...I can rehab house plants but can't grow a stupid weed. I guess there are worse things in life to fail at ;)
    • Re: plant questions

      Oh gods, I wouldn't know what to do in that situation. I'd have to look it up.
      • Re: plant questions

        hahaha I have the book, it still didn't help me, I gave up... honestly I don't think you'd have to look it up, everyone BUT me seems to be able to grow this stuff just fine... and looking at it it's a plant thing.... by that I mean well... you know plants vary in needs but you can get a gist...and well intuition tells you a lot...

        I never followed the directions much...I just went with what felt right about watering the plants..I know you're prob. thinking that's why my weeds died but no I actually tried following directions as well on that one... yeah anyway...

        I miss plants and yeah, so fascinating to watch them grow...they are fascinating life beings in many ways :)
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