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"After realising how shite 'God Save the Queen' really was, Queen Elizabeth II instated 'Thornier Duelled Suing' as the new national anthem. Another shit song for a shit country"

By limitedbythesky

Dejected Adjectives Stats

Formed: 29th June 2005
Split: 31st March 2011
Best Album: 'Ruminant Fuchsia Quilting' 10/10 in the NME (Album of the Year 2008.)
Best Single: 'Cattle' 10/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 15th June 2007.)
Records Sold: 34,832,170 in total (6,002,131 albums, 28,830,039 singles).
Reputation: International
Groupies: scarletlies has earned a contract with a book publisher to print their autobiography "To Spit Or Swallow" which extensively documents their seedy adventures around Dejected Adjectives.
OtherAfter realising how shite 'God Save the Queen' really was, Queen Elizabeth II instated 'Thornier Duelled Suing' as the new national anthem. Another shit song for a shit country.

Dejected Adjectives Member Profiles


whyte_magik's deadpan vocal delivery is reverred by most of the bands hardcore fans but is acknowledged by very few in the musical industry.


In a poll on the official Dejected Adjectives website Dejected geek_dragon was voted in the top 20 guitarists
of 2007.

When sooguy started out in Jun 2005 they couldn't handle any more than 2 strings at a time, now after a long period of dedicated practice sooguy is finally beginning to master the bass.

A number of up-and-coming bands have mentioned Dejected Adjectives's drummer elecey in the music weeklies, citing them as an important influence on their current sound.

crisantemo posseses a wealth of potential but rans the risk of never actualising it. They seem to spend more time in the tabloids with their latest criminal offence spread across the pages than at the keyboard practicing.

Single Releases

# Title Date
66 Nonskier Thalami Igniters Evzones Jul 2005
66 Thornier Duelled Suing Oct 2005
71 Sconces Rosefish At Multicar Feed Glamour Nov 2005
26 Stein Narrows Divested Spitters Dec 2006
22 Epochs Cory Mar 2007
11 Drummer Aiver Lateen Bencher Apr 2007
5 Cattle Jun 2007
2 Deaerate Seedy Rozzers Rufflier Remailed Monkey May 2008
2 Overt Thawless Silverer Quills Jul 2008
2 Reaching Punctual Slavered Roven Pallial Aug 2008
1 Epinaos Farouche Synching Sensum Crest Nov 2008
1 Praxises Synchros Qurushes Coloreds Feb 2010
2 Slathers Mended Pedal Guffs Mar 2010
2 Dimpling Rufflike Snuffed Hostas Kitchens May 2010
2 Gripper Trystes Giber Pampean Jul 2010

Album Releases

# Title Date
75 Nylghais Jun 2005
31 Slicing Twinight Finches Fubsy Nov 2006
2 Ruminant Fuchsia Quilting Feb 2008
2 Bracted Taffia Aqua Piths Ables Shrilled Dec 2009

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