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I finally bought that dream-book: POJAR!!!!

I finally bought that dream-book: POJAR!!!!

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I went out and bought the Guide to Coastal Plants of British Columbia.

It's a book I've been wanting for years, but didn't buy b/c I figured it was expensive. One the last few walks, I keep wishing I had it to identify this plant or that.

I tested it out in the Nitobe Gardens, and it's going to take some familiarizing before I can be quick-draw identify.

I priced Harry Potter and the Blood Prince.... $41 at the bookstore at UBC... eeek. When the fad dies, I shall read them from the library, or maybe if I see them in a paperback bargain bin version.

It turns out the UBC bookstore had a whole kiddie-gala on the release date with games and whatnot. The store is still decked out with wizardy stuff, including a Harry mannequin.

I aslo went to Nitobe. I want to write it up for curious tourist, but people like pics better than verbal descriptions. I was entranced by the riplles reflecting on a tree branch, and a stone house sculpture on the egde of the koi pond. I watched the fishies, and just let my mind churn through the whorl in my mind.
  • I got mine for $29 at Chapters. I hear Wal-Mart is selling them for $23.

    Go ahead and write up Nitobe for Curious Tourist, just put in lots of links to website and other places where we can find information. Like a tourist board or something.
  • Ok, so I'm having a weird coincidence thing happening with the Pojar book...It was sort of our bible in Bio last year and then last week I was at my sister's work and randomly saw it on their bookcase, I didn't even know she knew what it was because I had never mentioned it. And now you have it...
    Anyway :) Do you want to borrow my copy of Harry Potter?
    • Yes please!

      When are you going out of town? I'm actually spending a week or two at my brother's in richmond, but richmond is still close.

      I'm on campus monday, and free any time after 10:15.
      • i have class everyday in B block from 10:20-11:20, so I could meet up with you on monday after my class. I usually go to the film soc office to hang out before starting work at 1:00. how does that sound?
        • Sounds good. ^_^

          Film Soc is open in the summer o_0 I had no clue.

          I'll meet you at the sub near filmsoc at 11:30 then (gives you time to walk)
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