geek_dragon (geek_dragon) wrote,

A slice of vancouver's nightlife.

I went out b/c I haven't seen my friends in ages, and I actually got a phone call.
I haven't been out much, so although I've been to the blarney exactly twice before, I'm still boggled by the friday night scene.

I saw the guys in front of me at the bar order a dozen broken down golf carts. I thought since they were drinking THAT many they MUST be GOOD, so that's what i get as my next round (after the LSD). No. They taste like cherry cough syrup. Probably IS cherry cough syrup...

I have a craving for skills. On the dance floor, I boggled that I couldn't feel anyone's emotions even though the crowd was surging around me, and I had no personal space, even though I couldn't sheild in class today (juxtaposition to chem boy and being tired and sober are possible factors)
Also boggled b/c the mob was so pushy and the floor was slippery with beer, so I couldn't dig my heels in, just slid around as people shoved me.

At the bus stop, some poor boy threw up repeatedly. Unfortunatly, he got on the same bus as us, but looked much better. Appearances, however, can be decieving. The bloke threw up again in the midde of the ride.

Then some rowdy guys got on, and drunkenly sang Oh Canada, in English, and most impressivly, in French. Only in canada eh!

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